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All You Need is Don Peppe & Pizza

Slide A Fantastic Set of Menu & Product Layouts
ONLINE SHOP Don Peppe is the perfect solution for all online restaurants and fast food businesses – it’s equipped with a selection of modern and practical menu templates as well as layouts for all your products.

Booking Made As Easy
As It Can Get
All you need to do to enable booking on your new website is to connect with your OpenTable account and you’re all set. Your customers will be able to make reservations in a neat, straightforward way.

Everything an
Online Fast
Food Store

Slide All-encompassing
Event Layouts
All For Events Don Peppe comes with detailed, carefully designed event list and single event templates which are ideal for displaying and announcing all the upcoming happenings you organize.

Slide Premade Collection Practical Inner Page Layouts You also get a wide assortment of predesigned templates for introducing your
business, your team, and a great deal more.
Use the practical and carefully designed
page examples in Don Peppe to quickly
set up a fully equipped
and gorgeous website.

Slide Tons of Modern and Fully
Flexible Elements
All in one package On top of all the beautifully designed layouts, you get a huge collection of elements custom-built for fast food & restaurant sites – & you get to customize anything you wish.

Slide Get Your Slice of Perfection


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